ANMLLAND is the ecosystem that comprises our blockchain game. 

It consists of our 4 Elements; a deflationary token, ANML NFT’s, The ZOO and The MRKT

Deacreasing Supply

Limited Production

Rarities Included

Shared Minting


Game Visionary


Management Support


The development of large community collectible platforms, such as Pokemon, has allowed hundreds of millions of users to gather, interact, share, commerce, and play games. Their network inducing effects have been cultivated by vast online communities and gaming companies over the past 50 years.



These platforms, moving to digital, are controlled by centralized organizations, manage the platforms rules and content flow, while extracting significant revenue from the communities and users who interact with the platform, while providing entertainment value to the end-users. ANMLLAND aims to establish a network that allows its collectors to verify their digital ownership and benefit from it.



The current team began working on ANMLLAND in 2022, as the adoption of crypto assets has passed its infancy. With much of the blockchain-based infrastructure necessary for a collector-oriented platform already now being created including second layer scaling solutions such as Polygon Networks and Opensea.



This growth has given rise to a pool of collectors large enough to fuel the decentralized collecting and distribution that will take place in the ANMLLAND Environment. While blockchain infrastructure, spearheaded by Ethereum, is now more widely available, the lack of an efficient method to quickly process micropayments constrains the throughput of network transactions. By operating on a secondary layer of Ethereum we are able to facilitate limitless transactions with no transfer fees.



The maturation of cryptocurrencies as a global, instant, and low cost payment method is still evolving, but we are confident that the current infrastructure available provides scalability and sustainability for the future.

NFT Farming

The team began working on the concept of digitally assigned asset-mining after the operation of an energy intensive bitcoin mine left them looking for efficient alternatives. The concept evolved from digitally assigned mining to NFT farming as the need for entertainment alternatives and creative outlets presented opportunities for differentiation.



The first batch of designs were illustrated by Branden Ellefson using a combination of original and crowdsourced graphics from Each design is a combination of 8 different layers consisting of a combination of 83 possible traits. The first batch contains 1000 total unique variations.



The Launch Mint is planned to happen on Feb. 2, 2022 and will consist of 800 total sales to the public with 100 being held by the founders for gifts, and 100 being allocated to animal based charities.

Scalable Asset Generation

Cryptocurrency Mining is widely known as an energy intensive process. At 2400W all day, this amount of power is the same as an average house in North America to power one single computer for an entire day. Often large farms will have hundreds to thousands of these computers running, using the same amount of power as small towns for one large crypto farm.



While the team still encourages energy based mining with Renewable Energy, the team recognized the desire for new projects with better availability and management for mining investors to invest their money into.



The concept of digitally allocated and assigned asset mining is novel in the sense that it requires no energy to perform the “mining” action. The only requirement is that the miner holds a separate token which they can then sell. This token acts as the “Digital Equipment”. It is a non-fungible token meaning it can not be replicated and ownership can be tracked, which provides a Capital Recovery function to sell the asset like companies would sell an old equipment.



This digital equipment provides a huge benefit in the speed to implementation because as soon as the purchase of the asset is made through our platforms – whether through minting or market buying – the owner is credited with their shares in the very next block. This block time happens every 10 minutes giving a lightning fast mining-type implementation.



All shares can then be tracked in our digital platform on any device in the Farm Management dashboard which gives daily, monthly, and weekly stats on production of tokens.

Collectible Communities

Digital collectible communities like the Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) have highlighted the value of communities that form around a collectible. Building a vibrant community is the most important aspect of the project and can determine the success or failure of the project.



Past collectible projects like BAYC show the power of a people-led community where the community leads the growth, fosters membership, and promotes the benefits of the community. Projects like the Mutant Punks project highlight the benefits of a top-down led community growth strategy where they used a FREE Mint to seed their list before their public sale.



The team will use a combination of a top-down approach with a vision to grow a people-led community of leadership through the use of strategic communications on public and private channels such as Facebook and Discord.

Foundations for Fundraising

Digital collectible communities like the Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) have highlighted the value of communities that form around a collectible. Building a vibrant community is the most important aspect of the project and can determine the success or failure of the project.



Past collectible projects like BAYC show the power of a people-led community where the community leads the growth, fosters membership, and promotes the benefits of the community. Projects like the Mutant Punks project highlight the benefits of a top-down led community growth strategy where they used a FREE Mint to seed their list before their public sale.



The team will use a combination of a top-down approach with a vision to grow a people-led community of leadership through the use of strategic communications on public and private channels such as Facebook and Discord.



The ANMLLand protocol is comprised of three layers:



  1. Consensus Layer
  2. Visual Content Layer
  3. Real Time Layer


ANML ownership is established at the consensus layer, where ANML content is referenced through a hash of the file’s content. From this reference the content can be viewed through IPFS. The downloaded file contains a digital collectible with special traits, trait rarity index. It also contains the URL to view the asset in the farm.


The diagram below of the steps the ANMLLAND ecosystem will execute upon roadmap completion to provide the instant mining allocations in a decentralized way.

Consensus Layer

There are 2 smart contracts utilized in the ANMLLAND ecosystem. The $ANML Token is coded inside an ERC20 smart contract. The ANMLS are ERC721 Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT). The ERC protocol stores the contracts as a hash in the blockchain which serves as a verification of assets held by the user to award newly minted.



The $ANML Token Smart Contract is a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin that is produced with a fixed supply, but differs in that it uses no energy to mint new coins. $ANML tokens are held in an ERC20 compatible wallet and will be available for purchase on decentralized exchanges or through private purchase during the ICO phase.



ANMLSNFTs is a non-fungible token that provides the buyer with ownership of a digital piece of art with further utilities such as:



  1. Shares of $ANML Minting
  2. A Claimable FREE Physical Art Piece
  3. Club Members Only Access
  4. Transferrable Commercial Distribution Copyrights



Each ANMLS NFT can only be bought and sold later through the MRKT Module and then staked through the ZOO Module to enter the rewards pool.

Identity Layer

The identity layer uses existing decentralized wallet services to query the $ANML blockchain in order to display balances and active contracts.



The data of the smart contracts is then stored in the identity layer and later used to verify ownership in the ZOO and MRKT Modules to allow purchases or sales. These actions then trigger real-time contract executions to award shares to buyers upon purchase and remove shares from sellers.



Wallet services will display owned contracts in the form of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies in users wallets which can then be connected to the decentralized exchanges to trade the coins for stable pairings which can then be sold for profit.

Real-Time Layers

The real time layer consists of two modules. The MRKT Module and The ZOO Module. Each has its own independent functions but connect with each other to communicate ownership data.


MRKT Module



When a sale occurs, the buyer address is recorded and the allocation of shares of $ANML Minting Distributions is then added to the buyer and removed from the seller. 


As new ANMLS are purchased on the market it executes an action to allocate the shares from the previous owner to the new owner automatically based on the wallet addresses used in the transaction.


There is a 10% transaction fee which is then re-distributed to the Bonus Pool.



ZOO Module


The Zoo Module will be what is used by ANMLLANDERs to track their earnings from their NFT Farm. Stats will include daily earnings, total shares, total outstanding shares, historic price data and more.

Payment Channel

To facilitate all of the transactions in a minimal fee environment we are launching our very own $ANMLZ coin. This will be wrapped into an ERC20 Token Contract with daily minting. To ensure proper distribution of funds to the shareholders a staking protocol will be used and the rewards will be based on the number of staked NFTs in the pool.



This information will be executed on the polygon sub-chain of the ETH network to enable low gas transactions for our $ANMLZ Holders and ANML Buyers. 



We believe that this payment channel not only acts as a payment currency in our game, but see use for day to day commerce among regular people due to its low-fee nature and fast transfer speed.

Identity Verification

To expedite identity verification and execution of trade orders we have integrated a wallet connect feature to our very own website so that when users are signed into their Ethereum wallet they will be able to easily view their ANML NFT’s in any collection of ANMLS.



This same verification will be used on the farming module when it is developed so that users will not need to create any new accounts to log into our game if they already have a wallet that can connect to WalletConnect, Metamask, or Coinbase Wallet.



This wide array of identity verification without account creation enables privacy for users for their data safety.



The $ANMLZ coin is a decreasing supply currency similar to bitcoin. The theory is that because there is a finite amount being distributed then there is a supply adjustment to the price that causes the price to go up due to a lower supply.



The difference is that it is not distributed based on guesses made by high power computers, but rather based on holdings of a digital asset (ANMLNFT’s) which can then allocate earnings immediately based on smart contract programming.



This distribution method is way more effective and efficient than the old ways of distribution using high powered computers because it removes the shipping times, equipment supply chain issues, and the high initial equipment costs.



The assumption is that $ANMLZ and ANMLNFTs will both go up in value as more time passes and as more users are added to our holder pool. When prices for second-hand ANMLNFT’s reach levels that become outrageously high, is when we will release more ANMLNFT Series to allow more people access to the platform.

Distribution and Batches

The minting of 21,112,000 $ANML will happen daily to minimize minting costs due to gas fees. It will then be distributed based on a timed interval calculation of 100 coins every 10 minutes, or 14400 coins per day.


The start date of minting will be February 2nd and will mint for 20 days, selling the tokens privately via Trustless Smart Contracts to allow for foundational liquidity pools to be established on exchanges after the initial token sale.


During these 20 days people will be able to purchase $ANMLZ Coins and stockpile so that they can secure their share of the primary ANMLNFT collection or sell the coins on release day. Essentially, the coins will be acting as the whitelist to every release.


During the launch phase as we are developing the staking modules for the NFT’s we will be doing daily distributions calculated manually based on the current list of NFT owners.


Upon Purchasing their NFT each person will have to decide if they want to stake it into the pool of earnings, or to sell the NFT on the MRKT If they decide to list it on the market, then it will no longer be able to earn income.


Of these 14,400 coins 20% will be held the company to add to liquidity pools and provide stability to the market. The remaining 80% will be distributed evenly among all 1000 ANMLNFT Holders of which 100 will be held by the founding members, and 100 ANMLNFT’s will go to charities that accept cryptocurrency directly. If there are no such charities, we will seek out new relationships with existing charities and provide cryptocurrency education in addition to the free gift.



The planned batches for the release of the ANMLS NFT’s are as follows

1000 units – Q1 Batch – Feb 22, 2022 1,000 Total

4000 units – Q2 Batch – May 22, 2022 5,000 Total

10000 units – Q3 Batch – Aug 22, 2022 15,000 Total

20000 units – Q4 Batch – Nov 22, 2022 35,000 Total

Computer Vs. NFT Farming

Bitcoin Mining Computers are well known for huge amounts of energy to power the network. The founders know first hand how much they use. With each computer drawing 2.4KW/Hr it comes our to over 57.6 KWH day or 1728 KWh for an entire month that is 3X the average daily usage in north america… To only run 1 computer.



To have enough of these individual computers to make a comfortable living one person would need approximately 12-24 houses worth of power usage on a monthly basis. This means extremely high expenses and when combined with risk factors such as equipment damage in transit and coin fluctuation below break-even prices then it becomes clear that mining cryptocurrency is a risky endeavor.



Comparing that to Digitally Allocated Mining by using NFT’s as the distribution mechanism means we have 0 setup time, 0 maintenance, 0 Power Usage. This becomes the most efficient form of earning cryptocurrency that we have seen.


Our internal Market weakness is that we as a company and coin are new to the space. There are enough bad actors in the industry to make new entrants and seasoned veterans hesitant about investing into a project.

The external threats that we face would be that the overall Cryptocurrency has dipped in Market Capitalization since the start of the 2022 so investors may be holding on to their coins or cash until a market recovery.



With this being said, we do see sustained interest in the NFT space and Cryptocurrency market as a whole, even though the market has dropped in value. The opportunity lies in Inner circles that are actively talking about new projects and in new and small investors are looking for cool new projects to put little bits of money into to earn rewards.



With big collections such as BAYC selling out the collection of 10,000 images in a matter of 12 hours, it gives us insight that there is demand for the collectible images that have utility functions as well. We see our suite of utility functions that are in ANMLLAND as our biggest strength. We believe that with people owning a share of the network distributions that it adds value to our blockchain because they will be more motivated to make it grow and hold on to their coins as an investment to ensure the success of the project and their investment.

Developing The Network

The base layer of the network has been programmed, but there is still work to do, and capital is required to continue development of the network. We will be raising this capital through our micro-launch of ANMLZ tokens and 1000 ANML NFTs to ensure an ease into the systems and scaling of the network.



As the launch proceeds, The capital generated by the sale of ANML NFT’s and company shares of Minting Distributions will then be used to hire more programmers to assist with the build of the ZOO and MRKT modules.



Once the Zoo and MRKT Modules are complete then we will have completed the Network Development for the Beta phase and will then open up the network to more people to have shares with the release of further ANML NFT Collections.


The primary challenge that we see will be network adoption and sales of the initial batch. We believe that through building a community we will see higher rates of network adoption and sales of future Collection Releases.



The Community Launch and fostering will be critical so we will use a facebook group for general updates to supporters and the community. We will let the community guide itself to a certain level with moderation coming in to assist in extreme situations.



We aim to create a warm and welcoming community for ANMLLANDERS that is educational and appreciate all of our supporters when they share their positive experiences with their friends.



We also aim to create a customer first community that always tries to solve the problems our customers may be facing. Whether that be as simple as setting up a wallet to integrating the exchange data, we want our members to have all the answers at their fingertips.


Due to the explosive growth in blockchain gaming and NFT based technologies we see this as an opportunity to come into the market with a new process so that people can see the rewards of their investment faster and with less risk.


The ultra-efficient shared distribution based on digital identities and purchases is what sets our network apart from others. We have created an internal solution to supply chain issues in traditional cryptocurrency mining and combined it with technical solutions to accomplish similar results virtually.


To support our the project you can do so in 2 ways. The first is to Mint Your NFT when we launch, the second is to buy and hold $ANML tokens.