The OG Panda's

These sassy little pandas will have you blushing, laughing and loving every single one of them.

Created with a variety of 83 total attributes including apparel, expressions and backgrounds these travelling pandas will take you to places like the Great Pyramids and Macchu Picchu.

Each of these ANMLNFT’s pay their own way too. They don’t go anywhere without leaving some money in their owners pockets! Every day these NFT’s give their owners a share in their homelands national currency $ANMLZ!

3000 ANMLZ Each

Tokens Daily

Share 11,520
ANMLZ Tokens

Automated NFT Nodes
Daily Payouts

Now Minting

Where do the funds go after Sales?

All sales of ANMLLAND NFTs are counted as shared among all of the investors. This means that if you own an NFT every time somebody trades a different one, it adds to the value of yours through our pooled diversified investments and through our token.


50% Sold for Matic 

to pair into LP

Treasury Investments

Long-Term Liquidity funded through other decentralized protocols such as BTC mining.

Business Expenses

Marketing & Development expenses to be paid for using ANMLZ Tokens

How Much Will My NFT Pay Me?

11520 Tokens are distributed among all the purchased NFTs daily. The token price of ANMLZ changes daily also, it is always best to do your own research and do not consider this website investment advice.

Use the calculator below to get an estimate of how much your nft could earn.

The Current Maximum to be sold in Q1 is 1,000 with 2,000 to be released in the middle of Q2.

Now Minting