Launch Day Update

Welcome to ANMLLAND Everybody!

Whether you have been following our journey for a while or just found us we are glad to have you here.

As we launch ANMLLAND today we released a new feature to make it super transparent to buy your tokens. This is all done through our smart contract and is now at a 0.25 MATIC / ANMLZ value.

  • Direct Buy ANMLZ with a calculated amount given to you as you update the amount of matic that you enter.


Today at 16:22 CST or 22:22 UTC we will be releasing the collection and you can purchase it at that time.


In Development:

  • NFT Marketplace – NFTS will be locked to limit transfers. If you would like to sell an NFT please contact to get approved.
  • NFT STAKING – Database will be used temporarily until the staking feature has been released.
  • TWO LEVELS of Token Staking – Two more levels of token staking

Our Current Plans:

Sell 25% of the Collection

  • Release 2 More Token Staking Modules

Sell 50% of the Collection

  • Release the NFT Staking Module

Sell 100% of the Collection

  • RE-LAUNCH Token on the DEX with 50,000 MATIC in Liquidity